FitFlop, a UK-based footwear business, has launched an Active line particularly developed for women, drawing on its 15-plus years of biomechanical science and ergonomic engineering knowledge.

Footwear for women
Image source FitFlop

The collection features two main styles: a groundbreaking running shoe crafted to help women “move happy,” and a revolutionary slide designed to restore natural balance after engaging in active movement.

The FFRunner is described by the brand as a “smart sneaker” since it prioritizes comfort and running efficiency. It is built on an upgraded version of FitFlop’s Neodynamic technology, which contains a revolutionary wishbone-shaped propulsion plate that aids multi-directional movement by mimicking how the foot naturally glides side to side, forward, and back.

FFRunner footwear for women
Image source FitFlop

In addition, the RelieFF recovery toe-post sandals constitute another style designed to assist the body in reverting to its natural resting state following periods of high-energy or high-movement activity.

These sandals are equipped with a distinctive triple-density midsole construction and state-of-the-art rebound cushioning, working to evenly distribute pressure, diminish impact, offer advanced arch support, and optimize the natural alignment of the body.

FitFlop for women
Image source FitFlop

The marketing director, Eleanor Wardle shared: “For millions of women across the globe, the motivation for embracing regular active movement is one of health and happiness vs. the traditional mould of elite performance that the Athletic footwear category has been built around. It’s these people that we’re here to serve, through creating a range of progressive, technologically advanced footwear designed specifically for women.”

FitFlop recently opened its largest Middle Eastern store in The Galleria, Abu Dhabi. Read more here:

About FitFlop

Since its debut in 2007, they consistently revolutionized the industry. At that time, the prevailing notion was that a shoe couldn’t simultaneously boast aesthetic appeal and comfort, especially over extended periods of wear. In response, they introduced a sandal that seamlessly blended style with cutting-edge science.

Today, they persist in envisioning, innovating, and challenging traditional norms. Additionally, their goal is to elevate the world’s energy and enhance your life to the fullest by crafting wellness products meticulously designed to harmonize with your body, ensuring improved movement and a heightened sense of well-being. Explore additional information about FitFlop by visiting their official website.

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