Crown Royal kicks off largest-ever responsible drinking initiative

Crown Royal kicks off largest-ever responsible drinking initiative

The Brand encourages football fans to ‘stay in the game’ through moderation and hydration, launches campaign to remind fans to take water breaks as football season begins in America

Whether at bars, stadiums or at home, enjoying cocktails and adult beverages can be essential parts of the football experience. But every so often, there’s a fan whose overconsumption can ruin the game for themselves and those around them.

So Crown Royal, America’s best-selling Canadian whiskey, is building upon its “Hydrate Generously” platform that started in 2017, and is now launching its largest-ever responsible drinking campaign, called “The Water Break.”

Water Breaks are a must for professional football players, but what about the fans who support their teams, win or lose? This season, the brand is introducing the first off-the-field Water Break – a movement that encourages responsible game day consumption and reinforces the importance of drinking in moderation and hydrating between alcoholic beverages.

“Crown Royal is taking responsible drinking to the next level with an initiative that’s more than just a message; we are looking to change behaviours and ultimately make a positive social impact. Simply put, the Crown Royal Water Break reminds sports fans to not ruin the game day celebrations for everyone else by overconsuming,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of North American Whiskeys at Diageo.

“Our Water Break platform is an integrated campaign and the new spot will run in homes, bars and stadiums, and will air nationally and locally all over the country. This season make sure you moderate your drinking and hydrate to stay in the game. TAKE A WATER BREAK!”

The campaign will debut with a nationally televised 30-second commercial to air during the opening game of the American football season. The spot features a referee signalling a timeout for an official Crown Royal Water Break, encouraging a moment for fans everywhere to take a break and hydrate between alcoholic beverages. The campaign will continue to air during the first half of games throughout the entire season.

The brand will also partner with a roster of American football legends to remind fans of the importance of taking Water Breaks. In select markets in the U.S., these former greats will get back in the action by assisting Crown Royal in distributing tens of thousands of gallons of water in stadiums and bars to create a safer, more enjoyable game day.

Consistent with the brand’s long-standing commitment to responsible drinking, this is the next in a series of social responsibility efforts that have included providing fans with free, safe rides home around big events and public service announcements promoting responsible drinking.