The third season of Bridgerton has set a new record as the most-watched season premiere in the show’s history, amassing over 45.1 million viewers in its first weekend, according to Variety. This immense success cements the Regency-era drama’s popularity and continued allure for audiences worldwide.


Unprecedented Premiere

The third season of Bridgerton set a new series record, attracting 45.1 million viewers on Netflix on its first weekend. This impressive figure significantly surpasses the second season’s debut, which had 193 million minutes watched across eight episodes, equivalent to 22.7 million views based on its 8.5-hour runtime. The viewership for Season 3 more than doubles this, highlighting a substantial rise in audience engagement.

Even though Season 3’s debut numbers were calculated over four days instead of three like Season 2, the increase in viewership is still impressive. The third season, with only four episodes totaling three hours and forty minutes, nearly matched the previous season’s total viewing hours. Season 3 garnered 165.2 million hours viewed in four days, close to Season 2’s 193 million hours in three days.

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington Image Source Liam DanielNetflix

Bridgerton’s Growing Popularity

Season 3’s success can be attributed to viewers’ sustained interest in the show’s captivating storylines and beloved characters. Nicola Coughlan stars as Penelope Featherington, while Luke Newton returns as Colin Bridgerton, enhancing the season’s appeal. With four more episodes set to premiere on July 13, the season is expected to remain atop Netflix’s Top 10 list for several weeks.

Season 3’s strong debut numbers suggest it could become one of Netflix’s most popular English-language series. Netflix ranks its top series based on viewership in the first 91 days. Bridgerton’s Season 2 holds the ninth spot with 93.8 million views, while Season 1 ranks fourth with 113.3 million views, benefiting from a more extended viewing period despite a smaller initial debut than Season 2.

The success of Season 3 has also positively impacted the previous seasons of Bridgerton. Between May 13 and 18, Season 1 rebounded to the No. 4 spot with 4.5 million views, while Season 2 climbed to No. 8 with 3.3 million views. This renewed interest entices new and returning viewers to revisit earlier episodes.

Image Source Laurence CendrowiczNetflix

Top Contenders: Bridgerton Season 3 and Its Netflix Rivals

In addition to Bridgerton, other Netflix titles performed strongly during the same period. “Mother of the Bride” emerged as the second most-watched title, garnering 25.4 million viewers in its first week. Meanwhile, “Madame Web” claimed the No. 2 spot for movies, attracting 10.8 million views within its initial five days on the platform following its February theatrical release.

In the English-language TV category, “Ashley Madison: Sex, Lives & Scandal” debuted strongly at No. 2 with 9.5 million views within the first five days. “Baby Reindeer” maintained traction in its sixth week, captivating 7.4 million viewers. Comedy specials also enjoyed success, with “Kevin Hart: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor” entering at No. 5 with 4.1 million views. “The Roast of Tom Brady” secured the seventh spot on the chart in its third week, attracting 3.4 million views.

In conclusion, the recent performance of Bridgerton Season 3 alongside other successful Netflix series underscores the platform’s ability to captivate audiences with compelling content across various genres. As viewership numbers soar and new releases continue to make waves, Netflix solidifies its position as a leading force in the world of streaming entertainment, promising even more excitement and binge-worthy experiences in the future.

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