Prostate Cancer UK and VCCP have launched an integrated campaign that targets men at higher risk of prostate cancer with a light-hearted yet poignant message. 

The campaign aims to encourage men to use Prostate Cancer UK’s Online Risk Checker, helping more men receive lifesaving early diagnoses.

Prostate Cancer UK And VCCP Team Up For Early Diagnosis Awareness
Image Source VCCP

A Future Full of Good Things

‘1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer, and for Black men their risk is double. But the earlier you find prostate cancer, the easier it is to treat, and an earlier diagnosis could save your life.’

The creative platform, ‘A future full of good things,’ emphasises the positive future that awaits men and their loved ones if they check their prostate cancer risk and take appropriate action. This initiative is part of Prostate Cancer UK’s campaign, ‘Find it Earlier’. 

This campaign is different from traditional cancer awareness efforts. Instead of focusing on the dangers of not knowing your risk, it aims to inspire men with a positive vision of the future they want to be around to see.

This strategy allows for a humorous take, which runs through the campaign, to open up the conversation and lighten a serious issue for many.

‘Layla’ and ‘BBQ’

Two films lead the campaign: ‘Layla’ and ‘BBQ’, showing a glimpse of what is still to come in each man’s future. 

In ‘Layla’ a man meets his granddaughter-to-be who promises him the chance to get to know her if he looks after himself.  

Meanwhile, ‘BBQ’ shows that the dream grill and the future of summer family BBQs await a man on his 60th birthday.

Early Diagnosis Drive for Prostate Cancer

Both films also work to break down barriers that historically stopped men from checking their risk of prostate cancer. ‘Layla’ and ‘BBQ’ both openly challenge the worry for many men that a test for prostate cancer must mean a finger up the bum.

For both films, VCCP’s global content creation studio Girl&Bear worked with multi-award-winning director Gary Freedman and MJZ. Gary is best known for introducing Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington and for introducing O2’s mascot Bubl with VCCP – he was chosen especially to bring to life the barbeque and the talking baby, which was achieved through advances in AI.

On top of that, the films also feature the voice talent of Ralph Ineson as the barbeque, BAFTA-winning Top Boy star Jasmine Jobson as Layla and Hugh Dennis as the brand voice.

Prostate Cancer UK And VCCP Team Up For Early Diagnosis Awareness
Image Source VCCP

Innovative Integrated Campaign

The campaign will run across the UK – with TV, social and PR working to reach men at risk throughout the country. 

The campaign launches on 25th May with the film aired during the FA Cup Final and will run across TV, BVOD, Linear Radio, Digital Audio and Social until 30th June, with another top TV spot in the opening game of Euro 2024 between Scotland and Germany on 15th June. 

The campaign runs throughout Men’s Health Week and on Father’s Day, with Prostate Cancer UK working to drive a national conversation about the most common cancer in men at these key calendar moments.

Additionally, radio ads will target men in specific regions with high rates of late-stage diagnosis, like Scotland, the Midlands, the Northwest, Wales, and the South West. Tailored social media ads and PR will focus on those most affected by health inequalities, starting with Black men.

Find out more about Prostate Cancer UK’s award-winning 30-second risk checker at Prostate Cancer UK’s Specialist Nurses in confidence on 0800 074 8383, or via email, webchat or WhatsApp at .

Access online and printed health information at,or speak to trained volunteers with experience of prostate cancer at

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