Gordon Ramsay’s Show ‘Idiot Sandwich’ is Now on YouTube

Inspired by his famous catchphrase, Gordon Ramsay has released Idiot Sandwich show featuring TikTok and YouTube influencers.

From a Viral Meme to a YouTube Series

A scene was first released from a comedy sketch called ‘Hells Cafeteria’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden, now a famous internet meme.

Idiot Sandwich Meme Image Source Giphy

In the scene, Ramsay was holding two slices of bread on both sides of the head of Julie Chen Moonves, a former host of The Talk. The conversation between the two went:

Gordon Ramsay yells, “What are you?” 

“An idiot sandwich,” said Julie Chen Moonves 

The funny term ‘Idiot Sandwich’ was coined 9 years ago, but it’s still wildly popular on the internet.

Idiot Sandwich, a new Competition Series

Idiot Sandwich is a sandwich competition series starring social media creators. Three contenders go head-to-head to make the perfect sandwich that “will take the internet by storm” in just 20 minutes.

Image Source Gordon Ramsay Grouphandout

To turn up the heat of the show, Ramsay will judge the competition and the winner will be crowned the ultimate ‘Idiot Sandwich’ by himself. It features some of the biggest YouTube and TikTok content creators competing for the title.

The series is produced by Fox’s joint venture, Studio Ramsay Global, and executive-produced by Ramsay. The episodes are released weekly on Ramsay’s YouTube channel. The first episode premiered on 17th January, featuring @GoodMythicalMorning’s Rhett & Link and @mythicalkitchen’s Josh squared up for the title.

Ramsay said, “As an idea that exploded on the internet and across social media, there was no better way to bring this series to life, than having it air as a digital exclusive, have some fun and showcase the sandwich-making skills of some of the biggest influencers and content creators out there.”

Watch ‘Idiot Sandwich’ on Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel every week.

Gordon Ramsay Launched’ Idiot Sandwich’ via Sandwich Magazine

There’s nothing more iconic than launching your sandwich competition show called Idiot Sandwich on Sandwich magazine.

The Chefs Special Issue photography by Brian Bowen Smith Copyright © Sandwich 2024

Ramsay first encountered Sandwich magazine when he picked up the BBQ Brisket issue a few years ago. He was “struck by this fresh take on a food magazine, using a humble sandwich as a lens for culture.”

He, who is already a fan of the magazine, shared his excitement to be starred as the Guest Editor in the Chef’s Special Issue.

“They said I could take the reins as guest editor on one condition: I smash a beautiful deli sandwich, dripping with mustard into my face for the cover feature…

“Deal!” I said, and this is the first time I’ve Idiot Sandwiched myself in print! Things got very messy indeed.

Sandwich is a new food culture magazine exploring the often unnoticed but universally beloved culinary creation: the sandwich.

The Chef’s Special Issue unveils a fascinating relationship between the world-renowned chef and his love for sandwiches. 

Besides, it also includes stories about the beautiful Philadelphia store Honeysuckle Provisions, award-winning baker David Wright’s sandwich discovery, the first-ever interview with private chef Olivia Tiedemann, and many more.

Sandwich will launch an event in early March in London to celebrate the partnership. The Chef’s Special is available online.

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