Known all over the United Kingdom, famous crisp manufacturer Walkers has released its newest short film with VCCP London. The campaign shines a light on the unsung heroes behind Walkers – British farmers who care for each and every potato that makes a delightful pack of Walkers. 

“We love potatoes, so you can love Walkers”

 Featuring real Walkers farmers, the poignant video follows potatoes from the farm to packet. With Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ as the soundtrack, only the plumpest, freshest potatoes are lovingly harvested, sorted, and transported. 

Every potato is precious, evident when a truck transporting the spuds hits a bump and a potato rolls off. Fortunately, a farmer is there to catch the lucky potato, so no potato goes unwasted. This is the measure of love farmers have for potatoes, ensuring unspoken quality in every bag of Walkers.

No matter how Walkers’ crisps are enjoyed – piece by piece, shoving them down your throat, or in a sandwich – its reputation and flavour are undeniable. Coined as Britain’s most loved crisps, consumers can pick up a bag and enjoy the taste of 100% sustainably grown British potatoes.

Walkers Crisps

According to Rachael Smith, Walkers’ Senior Marketing Lead, most snack buys are driven by taste. Hence, potatoes showered with love and affection are a major factor that gives Walkers crisps its impeccable taste. 

“With our latest campaign we wanted to showcase the partnership we have with our Walkers farmers to source our sustainably grown, 100% British potatoes to make Britain’s most loved crisps.” added Smith.

Besides a 30-second short film, the Walkers campaign also covers radio, TV, OOH, DOOH, social, online platforms, and PR. 

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