Stella Artois Makes Music to the Sound of Bittersweet

An extension of an ongoing branding campaign, Stella Artois has partnered with The Roots to launch the original song, Bittersweet.

Stella Artois has forged a partnership with hip-hop band, The Roots, for the release Bittersweet, an original song created in conjunction with the brand’s summer-long campaign, Host One to Remember. The tune is meant to complement the flavour profile of the iconic Belgian beer.

Launched in June, the wider push honours a legacy of unforgettable moments, and taps into some of the most innovative hosts to showcase the inspirational future of entertaining. The group experimented with multiple pitches, instruments, and music styles for the multi-sensorial production.

The project is based on the research of Professor Charles Spence of the University of Oxford, which indicates that such a creation has the ability to stimulate the ears and taste buds. According to him, there are connections between the senses; when one is activated, the other four are also triggered.

The findings from the study, known as ‘crossmodal correspondences’, inspired The Roots to produce two versions of the same track exclusively for the marque. The high-pitched ensemble elevates the lager’s sweet, fruity notes, while the low-pitched entry enhances the drink’s bitter notes.

Bittersweet is now available on YouTube, with a music video scheduled to be released later in the month. The production aims to encourage people everywhere to engage their senses this summer and take part in a unique experience highlighting the power of sound and taste.

“This summer, we embarked on a mission to leave a mark on the world. Our collaboration with The Roots continues to push us to that next level of creativity, offering people the chance to experience the incredible taste of a Stella Artois in a new and memorable way,” said Harry Lewis, Vice President of Stella Artois.