Stella Artois Does Summer with Host One to Remember

Stella Artois Belgium

The Stella Artois campaign entails partnerships with Hollywood’s Hilary Duff, Bombas & Parr, and performance creator, Juliette Campbell.

Stella Artois has started a summer campaign designed around several key partnerships. Steeped in heritage, the effort aims to showcase the future of artful entertaining. Titled Host One to Remember, it includes a collaborative component starring Hilary Duff.

The movement taps into some of the most iconic personalities of the present generation. To raise the bar on hosting and carve memorable experiences, the brand borrows from the past to reinvent the concept, while immersed in the uniqueness and excitement of Belgian beer.

To expand the aforementioned footprint, the marque has also enlisted the expertise of culinary wizards, Bompas & Parr, as well as time-traveling performance creator, Juliette Campbell, of Shanghai Mermaid. Each one is expected to add his or her personal twist to the overall extravaganza.

To showcase the brew’s intricate profile, the retailer has charged the gastronomic duo with curating a menu that pays homage to the flavours of Stella Artois. Paired with the seasons of spring and summer, guests will explore tastes that preview the sensory experiences to come.

“We are on a quest to inspire as many consumers as possible to leave their own mark by hosting memorable events. With a little substance, a moment can go from ordinary to extraordinary,” said Harry Lewis, Vice President of Stella Artois.

As an extension of the initiative, the brand’s Dinner with a Spark feature will treat OpenTable members to surprises that include the signature Chalice for while supplies last. The above is applicable to those who make dinner reservations at a participating restaurant.

Additionally, said product is available for purchase via Amazon in one, two, four, and six-pack formats. Also, the company’s airstream fleet will pop up at major food, film, and art festivals in the United States to offer over 100,000 attendees a chance win the same keepsake item.

Meanwhile, in a series of videos co-curated with iconic hosts, Cinematique—the world’s first touchable digital video platform—consumers will be allowed to simply ‘tap to explore, share, and buy’ anything they see to incorporate Stella Artois into their celebratory moments.

To close out the season, the brand is hosting Le Savoir, a dedicated culinary journey. Guests in Montreal, New York City and Buenos Aires will enjoy a dining encounter spotlighting food and beer pairings inspired by the spectrum of flavours in a Stella Artois. Social media will use the hashtag #BeLegacy.