Global peanut butter brand Skippy celebrates its 90th birthday with a playful video that takes viewers through the ages. Brought to life by directors Les Garçons, production company L’Éloi, and agency BBDO, the 30-second video sees Skippy at the forefront of peanut butter-incorporated recipes.

Titled ‘Spreading Fun for 90 Years’, the video begins with a shot of a wonderfully glossy peanut butter spread. Incorporating the set of a 1930-1940s kitchen, the colour scheme and music blend harmoniously, transporting viewers back to the era. Here, the star is a classic Skippy peanut butter sandwich topped with fresh berries, bananas, apple slices, and Chex Mix.

Next, the video transitions to the ‘60s and ‘70s – complete with groovy beats, an iconic wardrobe, and a quintessential lava lamp. Skippy is introduced and paired with lime wedges, à la an exciting taco spread. 

Moving further into the decades, a noodle bar with neon lights and chunky gadgets is reminiscent of the 1980-1990s. Alluding to Skippy’s worldwide popularity, a bowl of peanut butter-infused noodles sit beside a jar of Skippy and a glass of bubble tea.

Arriving at the present day, Skippy can be seen as a well-loved, versatile spread for all types of food – sweet, salty, and everything in between. From the delightful crunch of an apple slice to the icing on top of a cake, Skippy is proud to have been spreading fun for 90 years.

Skippy Spreading Fun for 90 Years
Image Source Les Garçons

Skippy Video Showcases Peanut Butter Everywhere

Throughout production, the team nicknamed the project ‘Peanut Butter Everywhere, All at Once’, referring to the award-winning film Everything Everywhere All at Once. In the film, the main characters journey through different universes – just like Skippy’s timeline over the past 90 years.

Moreover, the camera movement for the brand video were fast, sharp, and carefully planned to capture all the eras in 30 seconds. With the multitude of content within those short seconds, it’s no wonder that Skippy is everywhere and all at once.

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