Reebok Champions Body Honour with 25,915 Days

Developed by Venables Bell & Partners, 25,915 Days chronicles one woman’s commitment to physicality and passion for running.

 Reebok has launched a new campaign dubbed 25,915 Days. While the title supposedly reflects the average person’s lifespan, the short’s objective is to remind people that they have a finite amount of time to stretch beyond their limits, overcome obstacles, and honour their bodies.

A complementary extension of the brand’s ‘Be More Human’ marketing platform, the 60-second spot is designed to inspire viewers to reach their full potential. The commercial also supports the sportswear giant’s mission to alter perceptions surrounding the everyday fitness experience.

Developed by Venables Bell & Partners, 25,915 Days chronicles one woman’s tireless commitment to physicality, shining the spotlight on her passion for running. Depicting her life in reverse, it traces personal milestones which begin with her golden years before tracing her steps back to birth.

The film charts her journey as she pushes to be the best version of herself. From tackling a Reebok Spartan Race in the present to taking on a trail in her younger years to streaking across a college campus to defeating a male adversary in a childhood race, the storytelling is meant to deliver a provocative backdrop.

Meanwhile, 25,915 Days also marks a compelling new chapter for the brand’s ‘Be More Human’ social and digital space, which allows users to calculate their potential number of remaining days based on averages of age, gender, and location. To explore the online tool, click here.

Visitors can get in on the conversation by sharing personal accomplishments using the #HonorYourDays hashtag, and posting customisable photos to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The company has also created a rich content ecosystem across its digital platforms to take the movement further.