Qoros Debuts Its Super EV at 2017 Shanghai Auto Show


Qoros Automotive Co. Ltd. showcased the Qoros Model K-EV, a high-performance electric vehicle

Qoros Automotive Co. Ltd the progress of its two pronged strategy highlighted by an array of world-class products at Auto Shanghai 2017 (Shanghai Auto Show). The Qoros booth sees the Qoros Model K-EV, a high-performance electric vehicle (EV), taking centre stage.

Equipped with the most advanced electric drive line technology, the Model K-EV takes the driver’s breath away with its staggering performance. It fast acceleration provides exhilarating driving experiences to the driver. The Model K-EV is also fitted with a high performance battery system, promising a range of over 500km. The engineering test car of the Model K-EV will come to the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show in November, with its market launch planned in 2019.

Model K-EV is created by an international design and engineering team to offer customers premium driving and riding experiences and a taste of future mobility. The unique experiences start with the asymmetric door design. The revolutionary asymmetric door system allows greater possibility for designers to create a distinctive experience for the driver and passengers. The large gull wing door on the driver’s side automatically opens when activated. The front passenger’s door with a two hinged system opens outward as a conventional door or slides horizontally alongside if needed. The door on the rear passenger side features a sliding system to ensure maximise convenience and ease of use for passengers entering and exiting the car.

Qoros Model K-EV features “Clever Carbon Cabin” (CCC) technology, a seamlessly integrated cabin made primarily from carbon fibre. The seamless construction of CCC lends Model K-EV its refined appearance, while aerodynamic design features and sleek body lines help to enhance its performance and increase energy efficiency. The use of this durable material contributes greatly to the lightweight body of the car to achieve better energy efficiency and help reduce “range anxiety”.

With the vision to become a transformational and innovation driven company, a solid plan has been laid out as the blueprint for the future. The first phase will see the electrification of its existing product models. In the second phase, Qoros will introduce its next generation global energy vehicle (GEV) platform for a whole new generation of NEV from 2020.