John Lewis has teamed up with TerraCycle to introduce a recycling scheme for their beauty products, BeautyCycle.

In a bid to tackle the problem of beauty products recycling, the retailer will be offering the service to their loyalty members. In return, members will receive £5 off their next beauty purchase.

Senior sustainability manager for John Lewis, Martyn White says, “Beauty products are notoriously hard to recycle which can make it hard for customers to know what to do with them, which often means they end up being thrown in the bin. One of our key aims is to make being sustainable as easy as possible for customers, so it doesn’t have to be a difficult choice.”

TerraCycle will separate the metals, plastics and fibres that come with beauty product packaging and recycle the components or compost them. The trial will be able to recycle lip gloss tubes, caps, lotion and shampoo bottles and even mascara tubes. Flammable items such as aerosols, nail varnish and fragrance bottles won’t be accepted.

The BeautyCycle scheme will trial in 36 stores with full beauty service areas for one month.

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