Robot Foods has announced the re-brand for Harringtons pet food to update its market positioning. The new look was brought in across their wet and dry food product range for dogs and cats.

The idea behind the rebrand is all about enhancing their ‘natural’ credentials. The stronger, more unified look can be seen across the range, reflecting its expertise, but also drawing customers in with its inclusive, all-natural feel.

The layout of the design has been adjusted as it was found that the brand name was often obscured, as the height of the packets would fold over shelves. The products now have a greater impact and stand out more on shop shelves, with a grass ‘horizon’ graphic added, and the brand name repositioned to the bottom of the packet.

The photography to go along with the rebrand features both pets and the products, allowing the consumers to relate to the product further. The animal portraits essentially allow consumers to make a connection, drawing them in.

Jess Cook, Robot Food client director, said, “The photoshoot was quite an undertaking, but it was such a key part of the project. Every dog ‘model’ needed an understudy, for instance; and specialist photographers are required, so it was vital Robot Food took Harringtons “on a journey” to show that the shoot was worth the budget.”

Will Bushell, Head of Marketing, Inspired Pet Nutrition, Harringtons manufacturer commented: “Despite the brand’s positive performance, we needed to ensure we stay fit for the future and meet the more emotional needs of new ‘pet parents’ with higher expectations of what their beloved pets deserve. We knew we couldn’t rest on our laurels and worked with Robot Food to help us simplify and amplify our design system and set us up for long-term success across the entire portfolio. The key for us was modernising, without losing the essence of who we are.”

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