The stunning duality of Vogue Brazil’s custom-made typeface by Studio DRAMA is now officially an award winner. Securing the Graphite Pencil in the D&AD Awards 2023, the typeface was created specifically for the magazine’s redesign in 2022.  

The concept was influenced by typography commonly found in posters around Brazil and the country’s leading publications. As with the timeless, classic imagery of Vogue, it was imperative that Vogue Brazil’s new typeface incorporate those aspects and its Brazilian roots. 

Based on the concept of ‘elegant vernacular’, the London-based design studio created the Vogue Brasil Sans and Serif typeface pair. Despite being polar opposites, their distinctive features allow both versions to make an impact by themselves or stunning imagery when combined.

Vogue Brazil Font
Image Source DAD

Portuguese alphabets often use accents, or diacritics, for a difference in pronunciation or meaning. Bearing this in mind, Studio DRAMA crafted the typeface to be agile and flexible for such use, opening avenues for creativity and artistic styling.

As a result, the visual impact of Vogue Brazil is a sleek, classic, and authentically Brazilian look. With hints of playfulness and minimalism, the Vogue Brasil Sans and Serif typeface is a fresh approach that merges the classics with modernity. 

Vogue Brazil by D&AD
Image Source DAD

Studio DRAMA is the driving force behind other iconic typeface designs, such as Glamour Brasil. Its creative portfolio covers branding, packaging design, and type design. At past agencies, founders Chris Nott and William Richardson have worked for clients like Barnes & Noble, Coca-Cola, Mayo Clinic, Ocado, Sony Music, and more.

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