Coca-Cola Elevates Rio Games with #ThatsGold

#ThatsGold heads to North America and beyond to celebrate the Rio Games through a global television, print and out-of-home campaign.

For the 88th year of its Olympics partnership, Coca-Cola is rolling out #ThatsGold, a global television and print campaign which will include out-of-home components and feature key gold moments from previous installations of the games alongside several athletes from around the world.

Among them are American swim champ, Nathan Adrian; Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke; and British contender, Jodie Williams. The spots from the push are set to capture special highlights which have occurred over the years during the internationally-acclaimed event.

Expanding the beverage giant’s recent Taste the Feeling platform, selected images from said global creative will also be incorporated into the new initiative to depict authentic gold moments on and off the podium with a Coke, Coke Light / Diet, Coke Zero or Coke Life.

The brand has been the flame presenting partner across its 95-day Brazilian journey for the Olympic Torch Relay. By the time it arrives in the city, the flame would have been carried by over 12,000 people in 320 cities, covering 20,000 km on land more than 16,000 km by air.

The company will for the first time create an official teen hangout, allowing fans to further engage with the games. Praca Maua based, the space is to mix athletes, artistes, and influencers, as they unite to share their personal #ThatsGold experiences across social media.

North America is one of over 50 markets activating the movement, with the campaign being celebrated via an integrated marketing programme incorporating five Team USA athletes and an Olympic legend—who when combined, boast wins totalling over 20 medals including nine Gold.

Additionally, limited-edition packaging will premieres across the United State to showcase silhouette-style images of the athletes in motion, in anticipation the games. Specially-marked product, 12-ounce cans included, will be on store shelves through the end of August or while supplies last.

Meanwhile, four video vignettes, produced in partnership with NBC, will focus on the most triumphant moments enjoyed. The series is narrated by athletes and features a collection of images and videos which deliver the true emotion behind favourite #ThatsGold moments.

“Gold moments are made of special feelings—joyful, refreshing, sharable—all those moments that make you feel gold, just like the feeling of drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola. We look forward to bringing #ThatsGold to life in Rio de Janeiro and around the world,” said Rodolfo Echeverria, VP of Global Creative at Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola was a winner at the 2014-2015 and the 2015-2016 World Branding Awards under the Beverages – Soft Drinks (Global) category.