Young Rayassa sponsored by Nike campaign 

Rayassa Leal features in new Nike campaign.

Rayassa Leal is the focus of Nike’s new campaign. Leal captured the world’s attention at the age of seven when she performed a heelflip dressed in a blue tutu. The video went viral with more than 4.8 million views and over 60,000 shares. Little did she know that a video she had made for fun, would eventually change her life. Fast forward six years , thirteen year old Rayassa has been thrust into the spotlight featuring in one of Nike’s latest campaigns. 

The campaign

This one and a half minute long ad titled “A Fadihna do skate” (English translation “The Little Fairy of Skateboarding”) has a mission of making skateboarding more inclusive to the female audience.

“I’m very happy to encourage other girls to get started in the sport. Skateboarding is a women’s sport too, it’s a sport for everyone. I want other girls to have the same opportunity as me to see their lives and dreams come true through sport. We just need to believe in ourselves and our potential” says Rayassa.

The campaign shows the protagonist skating through a busy and bustling city with cartoon fairy wings on her back whilst being followed by disney-like animated creatures.the animation draws inspiration from disney and from the iconic video she had made at the age of seven.

“An inspiration to all girls”

Gustavo viana, Marketing Director at FISIA, official Nike distributor in Brazil concludes “Rayassa’s journey is an inspiration to all girls around the world. It shows that it is possible to be a child and believe in fairy tales, but at the same time, to have courage and enter a space that was not considered for girls before. Nike wants to encourage the sport and show that everyone can play, regardless of gender. The purpose of this sport is to bring people together”

Following the roaring success in this campaign, Rayassa became the youngest olympic medallist in 85 years, flipping and grinding her way towards a silver medal in women’s skateboarding.

I think it’s safe to say she has heel flipped her way into everyone’s minds and hearts.

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