WaterWipes Showcases Parents’ Journey in Global Campaign

Campaign by WaterWipes highlights the transformative moment of having a baby – from highest highs to lowest lows

WaterWipes, a baby wipes brand, announced the launch of a new global marketing campaign,When a Baby is Born, a Parent is Born,’ focused on the joys and challenges of the journey of parenthood as told through the purest metaphor: water.

The heart of the first-ever global campaign from the Irish brand includes a video which will be revealed on digital platforms and will air on TV in the U.K., which aims to be an authentic and exhilarating look at parenthood – from apprehension to elation, from turbulent moments to those of pure bliss.

The creative follows the journey of a woman experiencing defining and emotional parenting moments in beautiful and dramatic scenes.

The milestones are mimicked by her engagement with the water: leaping into the waves, being swept up in the chaos and strength, only to experience its calmness.

“Parenting is full of your highest highs and lowest lows, and we wanted to bring that to life in a way that felt powerful and true. Crashing waves signify rough times and tranquil water brings us back to those intimate, beautiful moments. As a brand that was founded by a parent, it’s important for us to accurately capture the parenthood experience and showcase the entirety of the journey,” said Sarah Lipes, Brand Marketing Manager for WaterWipes USA.

WaterWipes conducted focus groups and partnered with Mother.ly, an online resource and community for new moms, to uncover real thoughts and feelings from new parents.

Mother.ly surveyed nearly 1,000 new mothers and the parenthood study found that 91% said that having a baby was the biggest transition in their life so far, compared to getting married, buying a house, and graduating college.

Half of the women surveyed (51%) said that ‘trying to have it all’ was the biggest stress-giver for new moms, followed by physical and mental recovery.

Of the women surveyed, the top four adjectives used to describe parenthood were challenging, amazing, exhausting and overwhelming.

More than half of the parents surveyed (54%) said they are more patient and appreciative of their partner after having a baby.

From these parenting truths, the brand, in addition to showcasing via the new campaign, is encouraging parents to celebrate both the perfect and imperfect moments.

Partnering with new mom, creative director and influencer, Whitney Port, WaterWipes will kick off the campaign with a panel discussion in New York City to give moms and dads a platform to discuss the beautiful and chaotic journey of what it feels like to be born as a parent.