T-Mobile Introduces Its Team of Experts with Real People, Not Robots

T-Mobile gives customers rock star status with a Team of Experts dedicated just for them. No bots. No bouncing. No BS.

Real customer service takes real people. T-Mobile has launched its Team of Experts across the US and turned traditional customer care on its head. The brand’s latest Un-carrier move takes aim at the biggest pain point yet – the old, broken customer care model that has frustrated Americans for decades. With Team of Experts, when you call or message T-Mobile, you get a tight-knit team dedicated to you and others in your city.

There are no robots or automated phone menus. No getting bounced around from department to department. No shouting “representative.” You now have your own entourage at T-Mobile dedicated to you and your happiness. You can even see a photo of your Team of Experts in the T-Mobile App on iOS and Android.

The brand has also announced that your rock star status extends beyond the Un-carrier with upgrades at Live Nation shows and with Pandora music.

“‘Your call is important to us’ are the six emptiest words ever robo-spoken,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile.

“People are fed up with horrible customer service that puts cost control ahead of customer happiness. Whilst other brands mechanise customer service, we are going the other way – no bots, no bouncing, no BS.

“With Team of Experts, we are tearing up the traditional playbook, killing the phone menu and putting people at the centre of customer care, like they should be. Because at T-Mobile, our customers have always been rock stars to us.”

Its Team of Experts is a radical re-invention and changes everything about the customer experience by putting people first. When you call or message, you get straight to a team dedicated to you. Rather than investing in avoiding customers with bots and automated phone menus, the Un-carrier is making a huge investment in serving customers with highly-skilled, highly-motivated people.

“Team of Experts is not just better customer service. It is an entirely new way of thinking about customers—one that puts your happiness at the centre of everything we do,” said Callie Field, EVP of Customer Care at T-Mobile.

“Some brands attempt to give high-dollar customers the kind of treatment we give everyone with Team of Experts. Because at this company, we think just being our customer makes you a rock star. Team of Experts is ‘one percenter’ treatment for the rest of us.”

“The brand’s Team of Experts is the most exciting development I have seen in a decade of studying customer experience. Other brands use this model for their very most elite customers – like the airlines’ elite platinum plus programmes – or large B2B accounts, but it is radical for a brand to give every customer this level of service,” said Matt Dixon, former Gartner and Korn Ferry Customer Experience Analyst and current Chief Product and Research Officer of Tethr.

“But, T-Mobile’s results – dramatically higher customer and employee satisfaction and lower costs – demonstrate how much potential there is for big brands to think differently about customer care.”