Rimmel and Cybersmile have partnered over a campaign addressing beauty cyberbullying. Rita Ora, as brand ambassador, leads the push.

Rimmel has introduced an initiative to combat beauty cyberbullying which affects millions worldwide, mainly young girls. Dubbed #IWillNotBeDeleted, the campaign is headed by the cosmetic brand’s global ambassador, Rita Ora, with Cara Delevingne on board as well.

The exercise tackles the areas that stop people from fully expressing themselves on social media due to the fear of negative commentary or retribution. A key reason behind deleted posts and profiles, beauty cyberbullying is when one is targeted over of their appearance.

A joint collaboration with Cybersmile, the digital push endeavours to spark a conversation by creating an online space to share experiences and find solutions. Rimmel is using said platform to celebrate individuality and a community built on authenticity offline and online.

Both teams will activate Cybersmile Assistant, an artificial intelligence tool designed to help victims. It will be available to website visitors plagued by the social ill. While the English version debuts in 2019, more languages, approved resources, and support will soon follow.

rimmel coty campaign
Rimmel launches IWillNotBeDeleted with Rita Ora and a team of brand influencers

Rimmel has published a report on the scale and impact of beauty cyberbullying globally. The study surveyed over 11,000 women between the ages of 16 and 25 across ten countries. Key findings include:

  1. 1 in 4 women have experienced beauty cyberbullying
  2. 57 percent of beauty cyberbullying victims didn’t tell anyone
  3. 67 percent of beauty cyberbullying victims lost confidence
  4. 46 percent of beauty cyberbullying victims went on to self-harm

“We are about championing self-expression. We have always been against narrow definitions of beauty and people being judged because of how they look. We look forward to working with Cybersmile, our ambassadors, colleagues, and consumers on this important issue,” said Sara Wolverson, VP of Rimmel Global Marketing at Coty.

The movement is an integral part of Coty’s commitment towards tackling discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnicity. Also involved with the project is a group of influencers and consumers who themselves have been victims in the past.

Video credit: DossierNet

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