Old Spice encourages guys to smell ready for anything in 2021

Old Spice encourages guys to smell new possibilities, realise the true potential within, and manifest their own greatness in 2021

Old Spice unveils the new “Smell Ready for Anything” campaign featuring a series of ads highlighting transformative moments to encourage guys to smell new possibilities, realise the true potential within, and manifest their own greatness in 2021.

With more than 80 years empowering guys to feel confident in their own skin, the brand’s latest over-the-top ads serve as a “pep talk” that, along with the brand’s latest product innovations, will boost guys’ confidence to challenge his inner critic.

It’s harder now more than ever for guys to stay on top of routines that were once on autopilot. Young adults (ages 18 to 29) have been impacted the most this past year. More than half of young adults lived with one or more of their parents, are losing their jobs, or taking pay cuts, according to a new Pew Research Center Analysis of monthly Census Bureau data.

However, young men are not the only group affected, given three-in-five men feel the past year has had a greater negative impact on their mental health than the 2008 recession. Compounding the epidemic, this cultural shift has created an opportunity for guys’ inner critic to become louder and louder, leaving guys feeling stuck, jobless, and emotionally exhausted. There is hope – 71 per cent of men are optimistic about the future.

Old Spice debuted the “Smell Ready for Anything” campaign on 29 January, integrating digital/television creative, a unique social media influencer push and a roster of NFL stars inspiring guys to step up to greatness during Super Bowl week.

“Now more than ever, guys need a reminder to see the potential within themselves and nurture seeds of confidence, even when we can be self-critical,” said Matt Krehbiel, Old Spice vice president at Procter & Gamble. “Old Spice encourages guys to challenge their inner critic whilst providing great-smelling products that help them look and feel at their best.”

The campaign features the latest deodorant, antiperspirant and body wash offerings to deliver on diverse needs with the lasting, cologne-quality Dynasty, Royalty and Sea Spray scents, Old Spice’s #1 sweat fighter with Clinical Sweat Defense with 73-hour sweat protection, and the deep skin hydration missing from much male body washes via Hydrate with Aloe body wash.

These new Dynasty, Royalty and Sea Spray fragrances are designed by industry-leading perfume technologists, who focus on designing the best fragrance experience into products. Research suggests scents can trigger memories or emotions, prompting behaviours, and even improving psychological states. Like leading designers in New York and Paris, Old Spice perfumers are tracking the latest trends in fashion and fine fragrances to deliver the freshness and longevity desired.

Smell Ready for Anything” kicked off on 29 January with the debut of “Winner” starring actor/singer/model Keiynan Lonsdale (CW’s The Flash, the Divergent trilogy, Love, Simon), the first in a series of spots depicting guys “smelling up to their potential” with Old Spice as the catalyst. Fueled by over-the-top ad creative, each spot highlights unbelievable stories of guys getting “unstuck” from a mental fog to go on and achieve their dreams in record time.

Concurrently, Old Spice is bringing together celebrities and its Old Spice Guys, including athletes and well-known social media influencers, to share their “MANifestations of Greatness,” humorously inspiring guys to unlock their potential this year.

Immediately following during the week of the Big Game, Old Spice will once again tackle “Radio Row” at the Super Bowl, albeit virtually, with a roster of all-pros including NFL leading rusher Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans), All-Rookie standout Chase Young (Washington Football Team), star tight end George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers) and more. The players will appear on national media outlets to discuss how they will “Smell Ready for Anything” in 2021.