MTN DEW will be giving funds toward the mission as well as raising awareness through sales of specially marked Team Rubicon one-litre bottles and multipacks of 12oz cans

For the second year in a row, MTN DEW is backing the ultimate heroes with the return of the DEW Fuel The Mission me, which proudly supports Team Rubicon, a disaster response nonprofit organisation that leverages the skill sets of veterans and first responders to help disaster victims in communities domestically and internationally.

The brand will be giving funds toward the mission as well as raising awareness through sales of specially marked Team Rubicon one-litre bottles and multipacks of 12oz cans of MTN DEW, DIET MTN DEW and MTN DEW ZERO SUGAR. MTN DEW x Team Rubicon limited-time bottles and multipacks will be available widely across retailers throughout the country beginning 9 August through 3 October 2020.

“DEW Nation has always honoured heroes who serve communities across the country, so we wanted to shine a light on the ultimate doers on the front lines of disaster relief – Team Rubicon,” said Nicole Portwood, Vice President, Marketing, MTN DEW.

“In response to COVID-19, Team Rubicon continued to deliver on its core capabilities of disaster response but also expanded to include on-site medical support, mobile-testing operations, food delivery to at-risk communities, and opportunities for volunteers to help their neighbours through individual acts of service. Going into year two of our partnership, we wanted to go bigger and bolder by rallying hometown heroes to donate and redeem exclusive gear to support and thank Team Rubicon for their heroic efforts amidst the current pandemic.”

MTN DEW and Team Rubicon are also teaming up with craftsmen Nick Terrel and Jason Podlaski to create one-of-a-kind custom goods made from salvaged materials. In hopes to bring attention to “low attention disasters” that don’t garner national media coverage, the collection will include artwork of cans and skateboards made of reclaimed wood from disaster locations recently serviced through Team Rubicon’s relief efforts.

These items will be available to select fans who participate in DEW Nation’s exclusive social sweepstakes. To join the fun, post across social channels with the hashtag DEWxTeamRubiconSweepstakes, beginning 9 August at 10 AM ET through 3 October at 11:59 PM. Donations will be encouraged but are not mandatory.

“Through our partnership with MTN DEW and support from DEW Nation, we’re able to further our mission to provide veterans ways to continue their service, as well as enhance assistance to communities across the country,” said Lorey Zlotnick, Chief Marketing Officer, Team Rubicon.

“Creating custom goods out of salvaged materials from disaster locations not only pays tribute to the work our Greyshirts do but also brings awareness to the general public that may not already know about the work our veterans and first responders do on a daily basis as they give back to communities.”

All DEW Nation fans who post across social channels will be prompted to enter special codes for a chance to unlock exclusive rewards and win weekly prizes at their website. Anyone who wishes to donate will receive custom gear from Team Rubicon based on their donation amount.

All donations will go directly toward the active missions Team Rubicon has set up to serve at-risk communities, as well as to recruiting, training, equipping volunteers and delivering effective aid to disaster survivors across the country.

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