IKEA Life At Home reports people finding personal space at home impossible: Everybody needs a place where they rule

Every year, furniture brand IKEA Life At Home reports connects the brand with thousands of people all over the world who they chat to in their stores, visit in their homes and survey online. The reports give insights into the daily lives of customers and an understanding of how they really feel about the space they call home.

In 2019, Life At Home delved into the growing need for privacy in the home, especially since our homes are becoming smaller, noisier and more crowded. Faced with more roles to play and responsibilities to fill, it discovered people are finding personal space at home almost impossible to get so they start seeking it outside of home.

IKEA, a three-time winner of the World Branding Awards, identified a critical opportunity here to help people reclaim control of their privacy at home, especially since 53% in the UAE agree the size of home does not impact the privacy it can achieve.

These findings laid the foundations for the Kings and Queens campaign creative strategy. It highlights the importance of personal space, inspires people to recognise their right to it, be empowered to ask for it and actively create places at home of their own.

The films visit six royal courts through time and addresses the demands and whims of their incumbent ruler. Each film is rich in character and historical detail, although the odd incongruous ‘throne’ to eagle-eyed observers, turns out to be an IKEA chair or bed.

The message in each film acknowledges our right to reign supreme as King or Queen of our own space – whether that means claiming a corner of the sofa for ourselves, snatching a few minutes to relax with a pet or taking time out to bake a cake.

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