The television marketing body Thinkbox is launching a new campaign to advertise the benefits of advertising on television for businesses.

The advert’s theme is nursery rhymes and tells the story of a struggling lawyer, Michael Goose, who found that TV advertising was a real boost to his business. The clever advert uses plots from popular nursery rhymes to get its message across. Goose first helps Jack and Jill gain a payout, highlighting public right of way and a water-fetching bylaw, before assisting Incy Wincy Spider’s eviction and Mrs Dumpty’s claim for ‘gross eggligence’.

Marketing Director for Thinkbox, Andrew MacGillivray, said, “With businesses operating in increasingly tough conditions, it’s a good time to remind them that nothing works harder than TV advertising. But we also want to do that in an engaging, entertaining way – to be a welcome guest in living rooms across the country.

“There’s some outstanding TV advertising being made at the moment, and we hope that our new campaign – courtesy of the dream team of Mother London and Blinkink – will also help showcase why it pays to invest in creativity and craft.”

“The hardest part of working on this campaign was being brought face-to-face with the startling amount of injustice, malpractice and negligence which is so abundant in the world of nursery rhymes. We simply knew we had to do something about it. Fortunately, Thinkbox believe in ideas and care about the craft to tell this story. And Blinkink are the perfect partners to deliver on something this bonkers.” said James Lucking, creative at Mother London.

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