Sainsbury’s launches new Taste of the Future products

Taste of the Future

In a bid to reach out to millennials, Sainsbury’s will be introducing a number of new products for a trial period as part of its Taste of The Future scheme.

The scheme is the next phase of Sainsbury’s Future Brands initiative, implemented last year. It also follows a report published this year by the supermarket on the Future of Food.

Working with 11 start ups, the 30 new products include a vegan meal in a bottle, an alcoholic kombucha, seaweed infused rapeseed oil and salmon skin crisps (a product otherwise wasted). These items appeal to the younger market and those concerned with waste and environmental issues when it comes to our food. 

The items will be stocked in designated bays within 69 Sainsbury’s stores from today alongside labels saying, “If you love it, we’ll keep it.” The best selling items will become permanently available.