Fairy will be re-branded ‘Fair’ in support of Pride and the LGBTQ+ movement this month.

The campaign will feature the name change as well a logo makeover which will include the famous rainbow colours associated with the movement.

The washing up brand will also be backing the Albert Kennedy Trust (akt) charity with a £50,000 donation in support of homeless LGBTQ+ young people as well as a donation from each Fair bottle sold.

Fair and akt have made a short film discussing the issue featuring singer Duncan James talking about his own experience in coming out to his family.

Leader of LGBTQ+ communications at P&G Brent Miller commented: “Fairy has been around for 70 years and rebranding it to Fair and using the LGBTQ+ rainbow has a stopping power to it which startles people and makes people take notice.

“With Fairy being the staple of the kitchen, it’s the epicentre of the family. By elevating that and driving that awareness, it goes beyond just a celebration of the community.” 

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