Natalia Kiryanova to take on CEO role of MEC and Maxus Wavemaker in Russia effective January 2018

Tim Castree, Global CEO of MEC and Wavemaker announced that Natalia Kiryanova MEC Deputy CEO will take on the role of CEO of the new combined MEC and Maxus Wavemaker agency in Russia, launching this month. Natalia has been MEC Deputy CEO since 2016.

GroupM announced in June 2017 that MEC and Maxus will be merging to form Wavemaker, a powerful new billion-dollar revenue, global media, content and technology agency.  The merger will officially come into effect from January 2018; MEC and Maxus have operated as separate agency brands before this month.

“We’re merging Maxus and MEC to form Wavemaker, a brand new billion dollar revenue media content and technology agency. With such ambition, comes a need for brilliant talent to lead and inspire, and so today’s news is very exciting for us. Under Natalia’s leadership, I am confident that we have the right team in place to truly blend the best of MEC and Maxus and make Wavemaker Russia a formidable future-facing agency,” said Tim Castree.

Natalia graduated from Moscow State University and has been working in media for more than 17 years. In 2006 Natalia joined MEC as a Strategic Director and was appointed a Managing Partner in 2010, having worked with international Clients in the FMCG, retail pharma and luxury.

Since 2016, Natalia has been MEC CEO Deputy. Effective from January 2018 Natalia is CEO Wavemaker.

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