McDonald’s campaign reflects how in a covid-normal world, nights-in have become the new nights-out

McDonald’s partners with Publicis Communications to present Night-In, a brand engagement platform that reflects how in a covid-normal world, nights-in have become the new nights-out.

The Night-In campaign’s first film has been created in collaboration with Director Roslee Yusof from Freeflow Productions. It mirrors and celebrates the newfound joys of staying home – dubbed “Cocoon Culture”.

The idea was sparked by a Publicis study conducted in partnership with Milieu Data, which sought to understand changes in consumer behaviour over the pandemic period. The regional study featured almost 20,000 respondents from Singapore and analysed data based on the preferred activities of consumers over weekends.

The study found that an overwhelming amount of respondents in Singapore preferred staying in, with 79% indicating their preference to stay home and enjoy a quiet meal with the family. The numbers were even more indicative among youth, where 83% of Generation Z respondents reacted positively to the idea of spending personal time at home alone. These numbers represent a stark contrast to the norms of yesteryear.

Drina Chee, Senior Director, Marketing and Digital Customer Experience, McDonald’s Singapore added: “We’re all about connecting with our customers whenever and wherever they need us. Our strength in round-the-clock convenience – through our McDelivery, Drive-Thru, takeaway or late-night dine-in – makes us a natural fit with our superfans’ night-time ritual. And with staying-in becoming a preferred way to gather, nothing beats the feelgood moments of one’s McDonald’s favourites alongside friends and family, in the comfort of home.”

Featuring an original, soulful music track to capture the essence of a Night-In, the film celebrates the night-in crowd who unabashedly revel in spending their quiet time indoors – alone or with loved ones.

Jennie Morris, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Communications, Singapore said: “It’s exciting to get the opportunity to make a film that shows a different side of a familiar and well-loved brand. The premise of the night-in crowd allowed us to take McDonald’s into a territory that’s whimsical yet relatable, in a visual language that feels unique and ownable for the brand.”

Commenting on the film, Director Roslee Yusof added: “It was super cool to get the opportunity to work on this. I wanted to create a distinct sound, scene and style for what a great night in Singapore might feel like these days, and I feel we achieved something special.”

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