McCormick assures cooks and homemakers that their meal is ‘gonna be great’ in latest US campaign

McCormick & Company, a global flavour brand, recently launched a new US national ad campaign. “It’s Gonna Be Great,” created by Grey New York, is designed to celebrate everyday cooking moments and inspire confidence in next-generation home cooks.

Food is a way to capture moments in time. Flavour and aroma are powerful triggers to ensure memories made today will be remembered tomorrow. For over 130 years, McCormick herbs, spices and seasonings have given all kinds of cooks the flavour they can rely on, inspirational ideas and the confidence that it is gonna be great.

The pressure of making a good meal, keeping guests and customers satisfied, and not screwing up is something that mums, dads and home-makers know all too well. Watching that cooking show or when your grandmum showed you how to make those meatballs once made it look so easy. But when you are finally behind the kitchen counter, with a hot pan on the stove, you think that it is going to be a disaster. People are going to hate you for what you will make them put in their mouths.

But McCormick, in its latest upbeat, fast-paced ads, is bringing people together, from bake sales to taco nights, spills and messes to sceptical future mothers-in-law, to savour great food, friends and family.

The latest campaign reassures the brand’s greatest fans that it has helped countless numbers of cooks for over 130 years, and it will continue doing so. Your meal: it’s going to be great.

The commercials, directed by Martin Werner, will roll out throughout the year and be seen on major TV networks and food and lifestyle channels. New holiday spots will run at year-end. The campaign includes print as well as social media.

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