In their latest campaign, Maltesers put female friendships in the spotlight. The new campaign from the popular confectioner, highlights female friendships, celebrating the inside jokes and laughter between friends. 

The two ads created for the campaign feature outdoor digital screens lighting up with an inside joke between two friends, one being ‘Flying cheese’ and the other ‘Barbers save lives.’

Brand director, Rebecca Salisbury commented on the campaign: “Some of Maltesers’ best-performing advertising campaigns feature female friends laughing over a packet of Maltesers. We wanted to build on this further and highlight that friendship is critical to helping women overcome the highs and lows of life.

“Whether it’s university, motherhood, work or travel, friendship groups often drift apart in adulthood. Maltesers believes that laughter and positivity can be a powerful force for good and is seeking to champion those female friendships.”

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