The California Milk Processor Board announced that they are consolidating advertising efforts to GALLEGOS United

GALLEGOS United has been an incumbent agency for the last 12 years, when they were brought on as Grupo Gallegos to handle Hispanic marketing efforts for California Milk Processor Board (CMPB). Since then, their work for the commodity board has expanded to focus on key growth segments for milk in California, including teens and Asian-Americans. Beginning in February 2018, GALLEGOS United will be the AOR for all advertising efforts for the board.

CMPB’s previous AOR was Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The partnership spanned 25 years and resulted in arguably one of the most famous campaigns in modern advertising: got milk?.

“We are so happy to have been with ‘got milk?’ since day one. It is certainly some of the best work this agency’s ever done, and I could not be prouder of the people who have worked on this campaign for 25 years – many of whom have gone on to be the leaders of our industry. The challenges facing milk are different now, and we wish them all luck and success,” said Jeff Goodby, GS&P’s co-founder and co-chairman.

“It’s never easy to end a partnership; especially one that spans 25 years. We’re very proud of the work created with GS&P; and have been extremely lucky to have had the luxury of working with two such high caliber creative partners in GS&P and GALLEGOS United,” said Stephen James, Executive Director, California Milk Processor Board.

“A complex market like California, where you have to take into account everything from demographics and technology to the media landscape and consumer lifestyle, poses a unique set of challenges. It became increasingly evident to us that we needed a unified approach to reaching all audiences, and that the best agency to provide that was GALLEGOS United,” added James.

GALLEGOS United’s past work for CMPB has garnered some of the marketing industry’s most prestigious awards, including an Effie and Cannes Lion.

“We’re thrilled to be working with CMPB in a larger capacity and appreciate the trust and confidence the board has in our ability to deliver groundbreaking work that will build on the legacy of the brand. We value partners like CMPB who consistently stand at the forefront of marketing and view diverse audiences, new technologies and the shifting media landscape not only as a challenge, but as an opportunity to produce truly great work,” said John Gallegos, CEO, UNITED COLLECTIVE.

“Over the last decade, GALLEGOS United has helped us identify and connect with new audiences to drive growth while never compromising on creative. We’re excited about what’s to come,” added James.

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