Yahoo! Japan Tackles Text Neck with Smart Stretch 360

Smart Stretch 360 by Yahoo! Japan is the first attempt anywhere at a smartphone video which utilises YouTube’s 360-degree video feature.

In conjunction with its highly anticipated twentieth anniversary celebrations, Yahoo! Japan has launched Smart Stretch 360. According to the tech giant, the aforementioned platform is the first ever attempt anywhere at a smartphone video which utilises YouTube’s 360-degree video feature.

The project also aims to relieve active users of the ‘text neck’ syndrome associated with smartphone use. Subscribers are encouraged to use the YouTube app to view said videos. A manual download will be required for mobile devices across which the app in not pre-installed.

Whether accessing the app using a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet, said 360-degree viewing experience can be accomplished with the support of a mouse. The initiative was led by Teikyo University Faculty of Medical Technology assistant professor and Japan Stretching Association director, Yoshihito Nagahata.

Promoting targeted function, the video allows one access whether at the office or home, without the need to memorise or copy movements. After instructions are provided, Smart Stretch 360 begins the stretching regime with an instructor’s voice saying: “Follow me, OK? Let’s go!”

The exercise is designed to help users loosen up by following very specific movement instructions. The virtual coach grooves to light music inside the designated space, offering direction in a manner which reflects energetic motivation, and completes the routine in about two minutes.

Applying energetic phrases and expressions, the video is meant to serve as fun and inspiring. At the same time, it delivers serious stretching manoeuvres under expert direction. In addition, Nagahata appears on the screen for a brief moment, taking the place of the instructor.