Opera, the browser known for innovation, has partnered with Google Cloud. This collaboration brings Google’s Gemini AI models to power Opera’s Aria browser AI, enhancing the user experience.

Opera’s Aria: Cutting Edge Innovation

Unlike other browser AIs, Opera’s Aria differs because it’s not limited to one AI assistant or technology. Instead, Opera uses its own Composer AI engine. This engine acts like an intelligent dispatcher. It determines what you’re trying to do and then picks the best AI tool for the job, called a Large Language Model or LLM.

Opera partners with Google Cloud to boost its browser AI in Opera One. Image Source: Opera
Opera partners with Google Cloud to boost its browser AI in Opera One Image Source Opera

Opera’s Aria Powered by Google’s Gemini

Google’s Gemini model is a modern, powerful, and user-friendly LLM that is the company’s most capable model yet. Thanks to this integration, Opera can now provide its users with the most current information at high performance.

Image Generation and Voice Output in Aria Powered by Google Cloud

The newest AI Feature Drop is a result of the collaboration with Google Cloud: as of today, Aria, in Opera One Developer, provides free image generation capabilities by utilizing the Imagen 2 model on Vertex AI. Starting with this feature drop, Opera’s AI will be able to read responses conversational-like, thanks to Google’s ground-breaking text-to-audio model.

Per Wetterdal, EVP Partnerships at Opera, commented on the partnership: “Our companies have been cooperating for more than 20 years. We are excited to announce the deepening of this collaboration into the field of generative AI to further power our suite of browser AI services.”

Eva Fors, Managing Director of Google Cloud Nordic Region, expressed, “We’re happy to elevate our long-standing cooperation with Opera by powering its AI innovation within the browser space. “

AI-Powered Browsing: Opera’s Year-Long Journey

Opera has been leveraging browser AI’s potential for over a year. Now, all its flagship browsers, including the gaming-focused Opera GX, offer access to advanced browser AI.

Furthermore, Opera recently opened a green energy-powered AI data cluster in Iceland with NVIDIA DGX supercomputing to expand its AI program quickly and host the computing it requires in its own facility.

Not only that, but the company also recently announced its AI Feature Drops program, which allows early adopters to test its newest, experimental AI innovations in the Opera One Developer version of the browser.

This innovative approach allows Opera’s Aria to be more flexible and adaptable than traditional browser AIs. Composer ensures users get the most effective and efficient AI assistance by choosing the right tool for each task.

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