Honda Drives Hatchback Performance in America

Honda Civic Hatchback

The new Honda Civic model combines Euro-inspired styling with premium driving dynamics and direct-injected turbo engine technology.

Honda is set to launch its 2017 Civic Hatchback in North America during the fall. The variant is the latest to join the portfolio’s tenth generation line-up. The car combines Euro-inspired styling and five-door versatility with premium driving dynamics and direct-injected turbo engine technology.

The vehicle is schedule to arrive at dealers across the United States, and will serve as the basis for the new Civic Type-R being introduced in America next year. Meanwhile, the new model offers an appealing combination of sporty styling, efficiency, interior utility, and bespoke features.

The hatchback has a light-weight body, sophisticated chassis design, and features a fully independent suspension system with liquid filled bushings, front and rear; a sport-tuned electronic power steering with variable gear ratios; and powerful four-channel anti-lock disc brakes.

Delivering class-leading volume and cargo capacity, added rear seat legroom, and largest cargo carrying capacity in the competitive set, the car was developed by the automotive teams in Europe and Japan and will be manufactured by Honda of the UK Manufacturing in its Swindon plant.

“The Civic Hatchback has been a staple in Europe, but has long been the forbidden fruit for fans in American. Now we’re bringing this sporty and versatile car to North America as we amp up the line-up’s performance,” said Jeff Conrad, SVP and GM of the Honda Division, America.