Zuru has unveiled its newest robotics pet brand with the debut of Pets Alive, which features a collection of automated toy offerings for kids.

Global toy manufacturer, Zuru, has announced the launch of a new robotics pet brand, Pets Alive. The debut follows the unveiling of Boppi, The Booty Shakin’ Llama, which is part of the range, alongside the Magical Unicorn, Adorable Angel Fish, Cute Scootin’ Hamster, Tiny Turtle, and more.

The introduction of said label to the Zuru portfolio sees the extension of the intellectual property around its Robo Alive line of automated merchandise. Pets Alive features value-driven premium interactive goods whose distribution and sales are supported with the use of strategic marketing.

According to the business, Zuru has reported more than one million sales of the Robo Alive Lizard and Snake alone across 30 markets, and garnered over 50 million views on YouTube in relation to its products. Meanwhile, Pets Alive, is scheduled to hit the retail space in the middle of this year.

“Pets Alive is our sister brand to Robo Alive. We are excited about bringing the range to market—and the response to Boppi has been a major highlight. The interest received since showcasing it reflects the enduring appetite for robotic toys,” said Renee Lee, Global Marketing Director for Zuru.

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