Yahoo Gemini Integrates Flurry Personas for Enhanced Mobile Audience Targeting

With more than a million apps in the world, and U.S. smartphone users spending 88 percent of their time in apps, the unique combination of apps a person has on their phone is like their digital DNA. Now advertisers can use Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo’s mobile search and native advertising marketplace, to reach mobile users based on app activity.

Today, Yahoo announced that in addition to Yahoo data, first-party CRM data and third-party data, advertisers can now use more than 40 Flurry Personas, such as “Business Travellers” and “Social Influencers,” to reach the right mobile audiences through Yahoo Gemini. Flurry Personas are behavioural audience groups based on real app use based on aggregate data from Flurry Analytics. Flurry from Yahoo builds Personas based on users who are particularly heavy users of particular apps.

In a test with a global CPG company, using Flurry Personas to target mobile campaigns created lift from 5 to 12 points for all major brand KPIs. Applying Flurry Personas caused a 14 point lift in unaided brand awareness, a five point lift in purchase intent and a 12 point lift in brand usage compared to regular mobile campaigns.

Yahoo Gemini advertisers with managed accounts can get started using the powerful combination of Yahoo data and Flurry Personas for their mobile campaigns today, at no extra cost.

The availability of Flurry Personas in Yahoo Gemini is the latest example of data and technology integration creating more effective cross-device advertising solutions for brands since Yahoo acquired Flurry eight months ago.

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