Williams Sonoma has introduced its own line of coffee capsules which features coffee from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, and more.

Williams Sonoma has debuted a line of coffee capsules. Blended from Fair Trade Certified coffee and using 100 percent recyclable aluminium packaging, the introduction reflects its commitment to high quality, sustainability, and long-term relationships with coffee farmers.

Williams Sonoma launches line of coffee capsules.
Williams Sonoma launches line of coffee capsules

The coffee is sourced from countries including India, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Kenya. Developed in partnership with European coffee masters, the freshly curated offering is suitable for OriginalLine Nespresso drop-through capsule machines.

Launching with six flavours that range from mild to bold, each capsule makes one cup of espresso. In the range are the following profiles: Intenso (dark chocolate); Ristretto (citrus and cocoa); Cremoso (nuts); Lungo (black tea); Vanilla; and Decaf Intenso (ripe fruit).

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