Wendy’s has created the S’Awesome Bacon Classic which uses a fan-favourite signature sauce that lead to the release of the new entry.

Wendy’s has added the S’Awesome Bacon Classic to its menu. A cheeseburger topped with the brand’s savoury Side of S’Awesome Sauce, the new release is also available as double and triple options. The limited-edition sandwich was introduced due to the popularity of its namesake condiment from an earlier roll-out.

Aimed at becoming a Wendy’s fan favourite, the offering holds Applewood smoked bacon strips, American cheese, crinkle-cut pickles, sweet onion, and fresh lettuce in a toasted two-piece bun. Elevating the flavour of its patties is the signature sauce accompaniment responsible for inspiring the actual hamburger idea.

The unique condiment blends ranch dressing with smoky barbeque components and finishes with a hint of hot sauce, honey mustard, and Worcestershire to create a speciality found only at Wendy’s, whose main claim centres around its burgers being made to order and never frozen, unlike foods from its competitors.

“We originally offered the sauce as a complement to our crispy chicken tenders but soon learned that customers were adding it to their hamburgers, fries, and more. It was an idea we had to bring to life with strips of Applewood smoked bacon,” said Kurt Kane, EVP, Chief Concept and Marketing Officer for Wendy’s.

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