Velveeta, renowned for its delicious cheesy offerings, is elevating its culinary experience with the exclusive 14-karat gold Velveeta Drip Lip Cuff. 

Developed in collaboration with celebrity designer George The Jeweler, this limited-edition accessory invites fans to proudly enjoy the brand’s iconic drip luxuriously and fashionably. 

According to Stephanie Vance, Brand Manager for Velveeta, the lip cuff encourages individuals to embrace remarkable confidence and live on their terms.

For over a century, Velveeta has left its mark on fans’ lips, thanks to the iconic drip that satisfies cravings with its rich, cheesy goodness. Velveeta now invites fans to embrace the drip like never before by wearing it proudly. 

The Velveeta Drip was designed in partnership with celebrity designer George The Jeweler. Consequently, it embodies the brand’s commitment to making outrageous pleasure a way of life.

“No one knows the ‘drip’ like Velveeta—from the physical drip of our supremely creamy cheese to the confident and unapologetic drip that embodies living ‘La Dolce Velveeta,'” said Stephanie Vance, Brand Manager for Velveeta. 

Why Is 2024 the Perfect Time to Introduce the Velveeta Drip Lip Cuff?

Image Source George the Jeweler

In fashion, “drip” is often used to describe someone exuding style, swagger, and coolness. With 2024 jewelry trend reports predicting a surge in liquified shapes and face jewelry, the “drip” takes on a more literal meaning. 

The limited-edition Velveeta Lip Cuff is available for $77.00 exclusively at while supplies last. In addition, it allows enthusiasts to do the drip for the first time.

“I’ve been a fan of Velveeta’s unexpected collaborations, which is why I was thrilled to partner with the brand to create a statement piece that allowed fans to wear the drip for the first time,” said George Khalife, Founder, and CEO of George The Jeweler. The 14-karat gold lip cuff embodies the accessible and confident luxury of George The Jeweler and ‘La Dolce Velveeta.’

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