Travellers can adjust existing itineraries for arrival in or departure from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Paris or Luxembourg

In aid of the Brussels Zaventem International Airport tragedies, United Airlines has extended to the former a travel waiver so as to afford additional customers ticketed on the latter’s flights to and from said city the flexibility to reschedule or change their respective itineraries.

For those ticketed to or from Brussels through 31 March 2016, the airline is prepared to waive change fees and any fare differences for travellers intent on re-booking their commute to the destination through 12 April 2016. The condition is subject to the airport reopening and flights resuming.

Customers will also be allowed to adjust existing Brussels itineraries scheduled for arrival in or departure from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg or Paris. For fliers set on postponing their trip to the Belgian capital until after 12 April 2016, United has agreed to waive the change fee.

The same applies to those keen on switching to a new destination other than the six cities listed above. However, a difference in fare may apply. Rescheduled travel needs are slated to be completed within one year of the date on which the original ticket was issued.

Passengers ticketed on flights which are cancelled may receive a refund to the original form of payment. Additionally, the carrier will continue to update its travel waivers, with additional information available via a dedicated microsite linked to the main portal.

Customers can check the status of their flights and make travel changes via the airline’s mobile app or by visiting the original website. United has been in contact with its Brussels airport employees and crew members who were laying-over in the disaster-stricken state. All are accounted for and safe.

Photo credit: RT

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