Trident Gum taps into life’s everyday annoyances to deliver a fresh perspective on how to “chew through” them

Trident Gum has unveiled their latest campaign, “Chew Through,” centred around getting life’s tense moments by providing a bit of fresh, go-to support when it’s needed the most. Life is loaded with everyday inconveniences that have the potential to throw you off your game. From paying monthly bills to commuting to work, these everyday moments can have you looking for a way to “chew through” life’s little points of tension.

One moment consumers may need to “Chew Through” is their daily commutes. As part of their latest campaign, Trident gum is popping up across select US cities to take over top commuting destinations, including Chicago’s Clark and Lake subway station, Philadelphia’s Cecil B. Moore station and various transit locations around Atlanta, to help remind commuters to Chew Through everyday annoyances, which could include fellow passengers, crowded trains and the impending workday.

The sugar-free gum brand will be onsite at each location to pass out free samples of their most sought-after flavours and show busy travellers how Trident gum can help them start their days on the right track. In addition, Trident is also supporting this campaign with new TV creative depicting a rideshare driver and the various moments throughout his workday, digital advertising and ongoing “Chew Through” social content.

“When you find your freshness and tune into life’s positive moments, the tensions of the world feel more manageable,” said Iryna Shandarivska, Senior Category Director at Mondelēz International. “Through the ‘Chew Through’ campaign, we hope to deliver a welcomed burst of freshness into our fans’ day-to-day lives.”

To better understand what situations are the most inconvenient and how consumers tackle those moments, the brand conducted a national survey of 1,000 US adults, with a concentrated focus in cities including New York City, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Data from the national survey includes:

  • Three in four (76%) say the day goes by too slowly when they are not busy and half (50%) say they would procrastinate if their day was not jam-packed.
  • The biggest stressful moments amongst adults surveyed include thinking about paying bills (62%), thinking about the future (62%), when the internet is super slow (54%), and when they are thinking about what they should be doing (52%).
  • 45% of adults surveyed feel like they are always on and never get a break, with Millennials even more likely to say so (61%).
  • Stress is not the only thing: half say they are nervous when thinking about the future (55%), making a big purchase (55%), and thinking about paying bills (54%).
  • 9-in-10 (87%) agree crossing something off their to-do list is really satisfying, with Baby Boomers (91%) and Gen X (89%) more likely than Millennials (80%) to find crossing something off their to-do list really satisfying.
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