The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf celebrates the beloved latte by ditching the bitter and choosing the better

Life has been a bit bitter this past year, but things are about to get better. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand, one of the world’s leading roasters and retailers of speciality coffee and tea has launched its newest digital ad campaign that highlights their Café Latte – the silky, smooth latte that is simply better, not bitter.

Through social listening efforts, the brand found coffee consumers touting the brand as better, with competitor’s coffee being seen as bitter. This insight led to the Ditch the Bitter. Choose the Better. campaign.

The digital ads show the unavoidable visceral reaction to drinking a bitter latte that everyone has experienced. This campaign looks to underscore the problem and offer a better, not bitter alternative.

“We are extremely passionate about our espresso and want to celebrate one of our longest-standing beverages and traditions – the latte,” said Jay Isais, Vice President, coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand.

“Our new ad campaign aims to show how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf uses the finest Arabica coffees for our Espresso Roast Blend to craft a perfectly balanced silky, smooth latte with that distinct sweeter, lighter and friendlier coffee taste that our guests crave and enjoy.”

Made from the finest 100 per cent Arabica coffee beans from five premier growing regions, each bean type in the brand’s signature Espresso Roast Blend is roasted individually to its peak flavour, then blended together to create the smooth, balanced flavour profile that produces a better flavour latte.

Whilst some in the industry mass roast beans from different origins to serve millions of lattes each day, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf philosophy and meticulous method are to prevent the over-roasted and charred, burnt taste that is notorious with other coffee competitors.

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