This new Super Mario Bros film sets multiple records. Surprisingly, Nintendo and Universal Pictures‘ creation is a smashing hit at the global box office. One can swirl with amusement after hearing that this movie collected $205 Million within its five-day launch.

Super Mario Bros, a 1983 arcade video game, became the most popular gaming franchise of all time. One cannot expect childhood memory without the essence of this video game. Moreover, this video game characters include two Italian plumbers, Mario and Luigi.

New Super Mario Bros
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Can you believe this? Super Mario Bros is the best selling game, with over 40 million copies sold so far.

On different international platforms, its global accumulation has surpassed $377 million. In history, it’s the biggest global opening for an animated movie. Following this biggest opening haul, it has broken several other records.

This new Super Mario Bros film becomes ‘the biggest opening of 2023.’ Also, it has claimed the privilege of becoming the most successful video game adaptative movie. Altogether, it has become the ‘highest-grossing five-day launch movie.’

This history hit Super Mario Bros film second highest-grossing debut animated movie of the domestic category.

Universal’s president of domestic distribution, while talking with a media outlet, said

“Miyamoto’s Mario has been a cultural icon literally for decades and for generations,” Orr said. “You combine that with the extraordinarily magical storytelling and filmmaking prowess of Chris Meledandri and Illumination, and it makes for an outrageous debut at the box office that we’re enjoying right now.”

It’s not the first time that any video game adaptive movie has done a stellar box office collection. Before that, “Sonic” and “Angry Bird” took the box office by storm.

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