Duolingo and Angry Birds team two notoriously aggressive bird mascots up to teach language learners, and green piggies, a lesson

Duo, the mascot for Duolingo—one of the biggest language learning platforms in the world, has a reputation for getting a bit persistent to encourage Duolingo users to keep up with their lessons. Nothing gets Duo’s blood boiling like people letting their language studies slip. But when Duo gets really fed up, it’s time to bring in some backup.

Now, the angriest Angry Bird of them all joins forces with Duo to give Duolingo iOS users just the kind of encouragement they need to succeed in their language learning endeavours.

Not satisfied with merely sending notifications, Duo and Red are adopting a more direct method. After all, Red is a bird that takes problems head-on, literally. For a limited time, the two will be working side by side in Duolingo lessons on iOS, offering extra inspiration when language learners are on a roll, or dishing out some encouragement if they start to slip. Just watch out, you will not want to make Duo or Red angry.

As the second half of the Angry Birds 2 x Duolingo crossover, Duo will be coming to Angry Birds 2 in the form of a custom spell. Angry Birds 2 players will be able to use the Duo spell in the month-long event to rain destruction down from the sky. Consider this the concentrated power of all those notifications from Duo – now weaponised for use against the Angry Birds’ piggy enemies. That ought to teach them!

As a company of game lovers from over 47 nationalities, the excitement is built up for Red to be able to help people in the language-learning platform. Users are encouraged not to be discouraged by Red’s unique brand of support. Behind every snarky comment is a desire to get the best out of everyone.

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