Snickers has added a fresh coating to its You’re Not You When You’re Hungry campaign, with 25 new symptoms taking over its packaging.

Mars Chocolate North America will replace the Snickers name on packaging with 25 new hunger symptoms. They join four returning fan favourites to offer 29 unique bars. The move supports the brand’s You’re Not You When You’re Hungry campaign.

The effort spans four offerings from said product’s portfolio to include the Original, Almond, Peanut Butter Squared, and Crisper varieties. The 360-degree exercise includes online video, social media coupons, print, in-store and tear-pad displays, and public relations.

As part of its digital footprint, the push will also feature Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter impressions. The four classics are Confused, Cranky, Princess, and Sleepy. The fresh line-up includes symptoms like Cray Cray, Hangry, Pouty, Klutz, and Spunky, to name a few.

Others include Befuddled, Hot Mess, Scatterbrain, Bored, Comical, Rowdy, Edgy, Sawft, and Snarky. Meanwhile, two new Spanish-language symptoms have been introduced, and they are Dramático and Rebelde. A percentage of the bars will remain in the original packaging.

“The new hunger symptoms provide even more fun ways for consumers to show how hunger affects them and how Snickers ultimately satisfies,” said Michael Italia, Senior Brand Manager for Snickers. The promotion covers the fun-, share-, and singles-sized bars.

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