Snapchat have announced advertisers can now have three minute video ads on their platform.

Previously the social media platform only allowed ten second ads, with users having to swipe up to watch the rest. Now adverts will be able to play for up to three minutes, though users will still be able to skip them. 

The update will also see changes to the six-second ads that appear within the content. These won’t be skippable, but will have swipe up functions which can drive viewers to web view, long-form video or camera attachment. Goal-based bidding will also be introduced allowing advertisers to optimise for longer, fifteen second views. 

The ad changes to the ephemeral social media site should entice advertisers, allowing for more customer engagement and potential website traffic through video marketing. 

David Shaw, Head of International Product Marketing at Snap, the parent company to Snapchat, said: “With our upgraded suite of video solutions, we are offering our advertiser and agency partners the opportunity to own the entire screen with a dedicated creative canvas.

“We offer unique contextual alignment with top media brands, allowing our partners to drive awareness at scale in premium programming.”

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