Skittles will be expecting diehard delayers today who literally need to do last-minute shopping before Christmas, with a 60-second shop.

Skittles will open its first last-minute gift shop in Canada today. Honouring the country’s proud procrastinators who leave buying gifts to the very end, the store will operate for only 60 seconds, from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am. With this, the brand adds its own spin to the holiday hustle.

The idea is based on a recent survey conducted by the candy giant which revealed that 81 percent of Canadians agree that people should be rewarded for taking their time instead of being judged for doing so. The move is good news for shoppers who truly need to catch up on their shopping.

In addition to the physical location, brand fans can visit the website which the marque has dedicated to its last-minute shop strategy to qualify for a $2-off coupon for select Skittles merchandise. A small window of opportunity, the pop-up will be situated at 423 Queen Street West, Unit 112.

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