Qantas has initiated a rebrand, a key component of which is the introduction of a new logo alongside the entry of the Dreamliner 787.

Qantas has revealed an update to its iconic Kangaroo logo as part of preparation for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner entering its fleet a year from now. The change is the fifth time the red-and-white image on the tail of the brand’s aircraft has been updated since it was first introduced in 1944.

The previous update was unveiled in 2007 to coincide with the introduction of the Airbus A380 to the national carrier’s fleet. The reimagined design was overseen by the Australian airline’s consultant designer, Marc Newson, in partnership with homegrown design agency, Houston Group.

The classic winged kangaroo that appeared on tails across three decades will feature under the cockpit window and incorporate the individual name of each aircraft. Said insignia will gradually appear across the network from late October, and begins with digital assets, signage, and advertising.

Updating branding on Qantas aircraft will be sequenced with scheduled re-paints and completed in time for the group’s centenary in 2020. The rebrand takes place on the back of the roll-out of redesigned cabin crew uniforms in 2014 and fresh pilot uniforms unveiled earlier in the year.

“The image of a kangaroo first appeared over 80 years ago and represents the spirit of Australia. A fresh brand helps symbolise the new era we’re entering as we head towards our centenary. It’s an era of new destinations, technology, and standard of service,” said Alan Joycee, Group CEO of Qantas.

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