The Procter & Gamble Oral-B toothbrush was designed together with Amazon Alexa

The truly connected bathroom has become a reality, thanks to Oral-B, the industry leader in oral care innovation, and Amazon Alexa. The Procter & Gamble Company has announced that the Oral-B Guide, a smart brushing solution featuring the first voice-integrated toothbrush, is now available.

The system includes an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush, an Alexa Built-in Smart Charger base, one Oral-B Brush Head, and a Quick-Start Guide. Together, they’re designed to upgrade and bring a bit of fun to consumers’ bathroom routines, hands-free, whilst guiding good habits tailored to each person’s unique brushing style and monitoring progress over time.

“Oral-B Guide works like a fitness tracker for your mouth, coaching whilst you brush and providing intelligent, real-time feedback on brushing frequency, duration, coverage and optimal pressure,” said Carlos De Jesus, P&G Senior Vice President, North America Oral Care. “It allows users to take control of their brushing time with the best new connected technologies.”

He added, “Every time you brush, Oral-B Guide empowers you to brush smarter – and that’s important, as only 20% of people brush properly. The system’s Oral Health Tracker and statistics enable access to insights on your own brushing trends over time, to help you better understand whether your technique is best for your mouth. This means fewer surprises at the dentist office.”

Highlights of the Oral-B Guide include a designed-for-the-bathroom, compact charging base with Alexa Built-in. It uses one power outlet for a clutter-free experience and enables users to enjoy 360-degree, high-quality sound whilst they brush their teeth (no phone required). With Alexa Built-in, users can ask to play music, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, and even order more brush heads by saying, “Alexa, order Oral-B brush head replacements.”

The Oral-B Guide offers the potential to brush like a pro. Inspired by dentists, the round oscillating and rotating brush head removes 100% more plaque than manual brushing. It has six cleaning modes for personalised brushing: Daily Clean, Whitening, Pro-Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, and Tongue Cleaning.

The Guide also offers an LED Quad Pacer to help guide brushing: the white light represents 30 seconds in each quadrant, red when the user brushes too hard, and green when they complete two minutes of brushing. It has an automatic syncing. After the user brushes, their wifi-enabled base seamlessly transmits their data to the secure cloud and provides insights to help brush smarter. Brushing progress is tracked so that each user can access personalised tips for improvement through the Oral-B Connect App, Apple Health or optional email summaries.


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