Pizza Hut campaign features ‘toppling dominos’ reference from earlier this year

In January this year, Pizza Hut Delivery and Iris London launched the ‘Now That’s Delivering‘ campaign with an cynical yet delicious tone.

Now, the pizza delivery company has launched a second ad, referencing the same ‘toppling dominos’ antic—possible parodying one of its biggest competitors.

The new spot promotes a ‘too good to be true‘ £5 favourites menu. In the spot, brand ambassador, Parker J Patterson, wears a ‘liar liar pants on fire pants of truth’ and goes through various true or false claims.

Pattersons began with, “Professional footballers are underpaid,” after which his pants of truth caught on fire, confirming that it was false. “Pizza Hut’s £5 pound favourites menu offers everyone a medium-sized pizza and sides for just £5 pounds each,” and the pants remained unlit.

He even went on to jest—presumably—at the aforementioned competitor. “Let’s turn up the heat. The other guys offer the same £5 pound deals,” Patterson claimed, as a line of dominoes cascaded in front of him, causing his pants of truth to light up. “Oh wait. No they don’t,” and the pants simmered down.

“The consumer response to our first campaign was incredible. Our next challenge was to demonstrate how we can use our platform to communicate our commitment to delivering unbeatable value. This latest instalment is designed to do just that with the same playfulness as the original film,” said Beverly D’Cruz, Pizza Hut UK CMO.

Ian Bradbury, Managing Partner at Iris, added: “Too Good to Be True, But True, is about hitting a consumer misconception head-on. £5 Favourites is a genuinely amazing deal we wanted to highlight that in an entertaining way.”

Directed by Fatal Farm, the campaign launches with a 70″ hero spot. The hero film is supported by a series of 6″ retargeting assets.

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