Pantene, owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G) have launched a new campaign, Power of Grey, to encourage people to embrace grey hair. 

The new campaign enlists the help of celebrities and social media influencers to endorse the idea, under the brand’s already established ‘Power of Hair’ project.

The campaign, developed by Grey London, Publicis Media and Ketchum London comes after research carried out by Pantene showed that 80% of British people have some grey hair, and 40 percent attempt to cover it up. 

Katharine Newby Grant, northern Europe marketing director for P&G says, “Historically grey hair hasn’t featured as prominently in beauty advertising which has left a significant number of women not seeing some “like me”. We want to change that.

“It’s part of a broader commitment at P&G on the everyday stances we take through our reach and voice in advertising to promote and encourage diversity. People prefer what’s familiar, so deliberately including people of various races, backgrounds, sexual preferences in advertising creates greater familiarity. Over time, it makes images of diversity the norm, not the exception. This latest campaign is just one example of how we’re taking these everyday stances across our brands, every day.”

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